About Us & Korea Festival - Fort Wayne Sept. 14 2019


Korea Festival – Fort Wayne (KFFW) is a cultural program dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusiveness through exchange of Korean arts, culture, food, and history in Fort Wayne. We hope to share the rich culture and intricacies of Korea with Fort Wayners.

In the news today, media sources often focus on the tension between North Korea and South Korea. However, the people and culture of South Korea actually encompass far more than this coverage. For example, since the catastrophic Korean War, which led to the complete destruction of the country, division of Korea to North and South, and death of countless American and Korean soldiers and civilians, South Korea has grown economically at an unprecedented rate. Today, South Korea is the home of multinational companies, such as Samsung, Hyundai, Kia, and LG, and the producer of KPOP music and Korean dramas. Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is a vibrant center of cultural and financial exchange in Asia.

Fort Wayne is a diverse city with people from various different nationalities and ethnicities. KFFW hopes to highlight the interesting cultures of Fort Wayne in an exciting and open-armed way. During the Korea Festival, visitors can enjoy Korean dance, try on traditional Korean attire, learn about the culture through educational presentations, play Korean games, participate in demonstrations, and taste Korean food. In addition, there will be “KPOP Singing & Dancing Competition” for people of all ages to sing or dance to KPOP music in front of an audience. Our many programs are designed to engage visitors through fun and enriching activities!

Financial support of the Korea Festival is tax deductible as charitable contribution for tax purpose. Donate today!

Organizing Committees for 2019 Korea Festival

Korea Festival Organizers:

Chief Executive Organizer: James Park (Principal of KSS)

Managing Organizer: Sunglim Shin (KSS Instructor), Sunny Huddleston (Program Organizer), Sohie Shim-Tippmann (Community Engagement Director)

Staff Organizer:  Brian An (Volunteer Organizer), Brittney Bressler (KPOP contest organizer)